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earthquake2018-12-19   03:38:46.212min ago80mb5.0 NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
2552 km Gustavia
2523 km Saint John’s
earthquake2018-12-19   02:52:41.859min ago11ML2.0 CENTRAL ITALY
  17 km L’Aquila
  82 km Roma
earthquake2018-12-19   02:06:35.11hr 45min ago39Md3.0 PUERTO RICO REGION
  77 km San Antonio
  88 km Aguada
earthquake2018-12-19   02:03:30.01hr 48min ago25 M3.0 COSTA RICA
  42 km Quepos
  98 km San José
earthquake2018-12-19   02:00:33.01hr 51min ago24ML2.6 SOUTHERN ALASKA
   5 km Big Lake
  32 km Anchorage
earthquake2018-12-19   01:37:47.12hr 13min ago6Md2.3 SOUTHEASTERN MISSOURI
   8 km Lilbourn
   8 km New Madrid
earthquake2018-12-19   01:37:46.42hr 13min ago60Mw6.3 SOUTHEAST OF EASTER ISLAND
3846 km Buenos Aires
3590 km Lima
earthquake2018-12-19   01:08:59.92hr 42min ago3ML3.0 WESTERN TURKEY
  15 km Muğla
 180 km İzmir
earthquake2018-12-19   00:54:40.22hr 57min ago17ML2.3 CENTRAL ALASKA
   4 km Salcha
  50 km Fairbanks
earthquake2018-12-19   00:28:54.63hr 22min ago-1ML2.0 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  22 km Honaunau-Napoopoo
  65 km Hilo
earthquake2018-12-18   23:42:30.94hr 09min ago3ML3.2 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE
  28 km Ágios Kírykos
  67 km Chíos
earthquake2018-12-18   23:40:34.54hr 11min ago60ML2.7 GREECE
   6 km Prámanta
  23 km Ioánnina
earthquake2018-12-18   23:38:33.04hr 13min ago44 M4.1 SUMBAWA REGION, INDONESIA
 137 km Komodo
 142 km Waingapu
earthquake2018-12-18   23:37:33.04hr 14min ago10 M4.0 PAPUA, INDONESIA
 209 km Abepura
 223 km Jayapura
earthquake2018-12-18   23:36:21.24hr 15min ago36Md2.3 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  21 km Pāhala
  87 km Hilo
earthquake2018-12-18   23:34:14.04hr 17min ago2ML3.4 IONIAN SEA
  40 km Lithakiá
  50 km Zákynthos
earthquake2018-12-18   23:32:53.94hr 18min ago0ML2.8 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  21 km Honaunau-Napoopoo
  66 km Hilo
earthquake2018-12-18   23:29:59.84hr 21min ago0ML2.6 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  22 km Honaunau-Napoopoo
  66 km Hilo
earthquake2018-12-18   23:25:04.84hr 26min ago4Md2.1 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
  11 km Greenville
  28 km Quincy
earthquake2018-12-18   23:18:30.04hr 33min ago15 M3.5 COSTA RICA
  51 km Ciudad Cortés
 159 km San José
earthquake2018-12-18   23:11:26.64hr 40min ago-3ML2.4 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  23 km Honaunau-Napoopoo
  65 km Hilo
earthquake2018-12-18   22:29:57.75hr 21min ago11ml2.0 NEVADA
 112 km Tonopah
 347 km Carson City
earthquake2018-12-18   22:26:30.05hr 25min ago34 M4.4 COSTA RICA
  13 km Quepos
  45 km San José
earthquake2018-12-18   21:44:39.06hr 07min ago19 M3.8 CERAM SEA, INDONESIA
 258 km Amahai
 343 km Ambon
earthquake2018-12-18   21:38:21.06hr 13min ago187 M4.6 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA
 118 km Tobelo
 415 km Manado
earthquake2018-12-18   21:29:45.06hr 22min ago10 M4.3 MENDOZA, ARGENTINA
  77 km San Rafael
 122 km Mendoza
earthquake2018-12-18   21:25:26.56hr 26min ago4Ml3.2 SOUTHERN ALASKA
  60 km Willow
 105 km Anchorage
earthquake2018-12-18   21:08:42.06hr 43min ago10 M4.0 GULF OF CALIFORNIA
  76 km Santa Rosalía
 161 km Hermosillo
earthquake2018-12-18   21:05:31.16hr 46min ago3ML3.4 STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR
  37 km El Varadero
  70 km Málaga
earthquake2018-12-18   21:03:57.96hr 47min ago24Ml3.1 SOUTHERN ALASKA
  18 km Anchorage
 814 km Whitehorse
earthquake2018-12-18   20:44:10.77hr 07min ago1Ml2.0 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
  40 km Inyokern
 116 km Bakersfield
earthquake2018-12-18   20:38:26.67hr 13min ago80mb5.4 SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS
1458 km Apia
 964 km Suva
earthquake2018-12-18   20:37:55.07hr 13min ago7Ml2.6 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   9 km Pāhala
  63 km Hilo
earthquake2018-12-18   20:27:08.17hr 24min ago8ML2.8 OKLAHOMA
   2 km Langston
  19 km Guthrie
earthquake2018-12-18   19:29:43.48hr 22min ago50mb4.7 PAPUA, INDONESIA
 226 km Abepura
 241 km Jayapura
earthquake2018-12-18   19:25:40.38hr 26min ago107ML3.1 ROMANIA
   4 km Nehoiu
  53 km Buzău
earthquake2018-12-18   19:06:21.48hr 45min ago12Ml2.3 WESTERN MONTANA
   8 km West Yellowstone
  96 km Saint Anthony
earthquake2018-12-18   18:52:04.08hr 59min ago41 M3.5 OFFSHORE EL SALVADOR
  41 km La Libertad
  68 km San Salvador
earthquake2018-12-18   18:45:24.09hr 06min ago1 M3.4 ICELAND
 120 km Akureyri
 225 km Reykjavík
earthquake2018-12-18   18:30:30.09hr 21min ago23 M4.4 COSTA RICA
  18 km Finca Blanco Número Uno
  64 km David
earthquake2018-12-18   18:16:30.99hr 35min ago2ML2.9 WESTERN TURKEY
  33 km Datça
  54 km Muğla
earthquake2018-12-18   18:12:39.09hr 39min ago122 M4.3 KEP. TANIMBAR REGION, INDONESIA
 142 km Tual
 465 km Ambon
earthquake2018-12-18   18:06:50.39hr 44min ago35ML2.2 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
 148 km San Juan
  39 km Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands
earthquake2018-12-18   17:55:37.29hr 56min ago92mb4.6 ATACAMA, CHILE
 120 km Copiapó
 620 km Santiago
earthquake2018-12-18   17:54:50.59hr 56min ago9ML2.5 IONIAN SEA
  45 km Mouzaki
  54 km Zákynthos
earthquake2018-12-18   17:39:32.410hr 12min ago0Ml2.1 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   6 km Volcano
  42 km Hilo
earthquake2018-12-18   17:34:05.510hr 17min ago10ML2.7 FRANCE
   4 km Paulhaguet
  36 km Le Puy-en-Velay
earthquake2018-12-18   17:21:26.610hr 30min ago30mb4.6 XINJIANG-XIZANG BORDER REGION
 250 km Hotan
 625 km Shimla
earthquake2018-12-18   17:12:57.510hr 38min ago9ML2.6 IONIAN SEA
  36 km Mouzaki
  45 km Zákynthos
earthquake2018-12-18   17:12:11.010hr 39min ago615 M4.3 CELEBES SEA
 200 km Tabiauan
 287 km Zamboanga
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world