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earthquake2019-12-16   09:55:25.224min ago10Md2.1 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
  16 km Mammoth Lakes
 102 km Mariposa
earthquake2019-12-16   09:52:25.827min ago14ML2.1 SOUTHERN ITALY
   7 km Benevento
  50 km Napoli
earthquake2019-12-16   09:44:59.535min ago13Ml2.1 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
   2 km East Hemet
  48 km Riverside
earthquake2019-12-16   09:35:13.045min ago37ML3.4 COQUIMBO, CHILE
  48 km Ovalle
  94 km La Serena
earthquake2019-12-16   09:30:06.350min ago11ML2.3 SOUTHERN ITALY
   8 km Benevento
  49 km Napoli
earthquake2019-12-16   09:06:22.91hr 13min ago11Ml2.2 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  16 km Borrego Springs
 101 km San Diego
earthquake2019-12-16   08:53:59.31hr 26min ago9ML3.4 SOUTHERN ITALY
   9 km Benevento
  48 km Napoli
earthquake2019-12-16   08:53:31.41hr 26min ago30Mw5.0 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
   4 km Tanlad
  51 km Davao
earthquake2019-12-16   08:52:59.21hr 27min ago11ML3.0 SOUTHERN ITALY
   7 km Benevento
  49 km Napoli
earthquake2019-12-16   08:36:24.61hr 43min ago16ML3.2 NEVADA
  46 km Winnemucca
 242 km Carson City
earthquake2019-12-16   08:25:25.31hr 54min ago12ML4.0 GREECE
  14 km Argostólion
 120 km Pátra
earthquake2019-12-16   08:24:11.01hr 56min ago32ML2.0 SWITZERLAND
   2 km Corgémont
  36 km Bern
earthquake2019-12-16   08:13:38.02hr 06min ago206ML4.1 JUJUY, ARGENTINA
  76 km San Antonio de los Cobres
 165 km San Salvador de Jujuy
earthquake2019-12-16   08:13:14.42hr 06min ago2Ml2.7 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
  52 km Inyokern
 131 km Visalia
earthquake2019-12-16   08:08:13.62hr 11min ago10ML3.2 SOUTHERN ITALY
   8 km Benevento
  48 km Napoli
earthquake2019-12-16   08:06:33.02hr 13min ago17ML3.4 SOUTHERN ITALY
  10 km Cervinara
  10 km Benevento
earthquake2019-12-16   07:59:05.22hr 21min ago23Ml2.1 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  18 km Volcano
  43 km Hilo
earthquake2019-12-16   07:42:25.82hr 37min ago0ML3.2 SPAIN
  20 km Abarán
  45 km Murcia
earthquake2019-12-16   07:41:51.12hr 38min ago569mb4.5 CELEBES SEA
 217 km Tabiauan
 303 km Koronadal
earthquake2019-12-16   07:20:39.02hr 59min ago16 M3.9 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
   3 km Malinao
  61 km Davao
earthquake2019-12-16   07:16:43.53hr 03min ago3Ml2.8 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
  52 km Inyokern
 131 km Visalia
earthquake2019-12-16   07:11:26.43hr 08min ago10ML2.9 NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA
  12 km Denman
 157 km Katoomba
earthquake2019-12-16   07:05:14.13hr 14min ago2ML2.3 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
   7 km Nevesinje
  61 km Dubrovnik
earthquake2019-12-16   07:01:42.53hr 18min ago7Md2.1 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   5 km Honaunau-Napoopoo
  87 km Hilo
earthquake2019-12-16   06:45:55.03hr 34min ago13 M3.8 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
   4 km New Baclayon
  59 km Davao
earthquake2019-12-16   06:38:41.83hr 41min ago396mb4.4 IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
 210 km Shingū
 281 km Tsu-shi
earthquake2019-12-16   06:18:44.04hr 01min ago99ML3.0 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
  52 km Calama
 177 km Antofagasta
earthquake2019-12-16   05:55:06.04hr 25min ago240ML3.7 SALTA, ARGENTINA
  93 km San Antonio de los Cobres
 192 km San Salvador de Jujuy
earthquake2019-12-16   05:29:42.24hr 50min ago10mb4.2 NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA
  12 km Muswellbrook
 159 km Katoomba
earthquake2019-12-16   05:28:46.04hr 51min ago128ML3.1 VALPARAISO, CHILE
  43 km Los Andes
  98 km Santiago
earthquake2019-12-16   05:27:50.54hr 52min ago21Md2.1 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
  33 km Rio Dell
  60 km Eureka
earthquake2019-12-16   05:22:35.24hr 57min ago9Ml2.3 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  19 km Searles Valley
 148 km Bakersfield
earthquake2019-12-16   05:09:54.15hr 10min ago10mb3.4 NORTHERN ALGERIA
   8 km Aïn Bessem
  69 km Algiers
earthquake2019-12-16   05:07:36.95hr 12min ago24mb4.4 NORTHERN PERU
  46 km Yurimaguas
 134 km Moyobamba
earthquake2019-12-16   04:50:33.35hr 29min ago10mb4.6 TONGA REGION
 199 km Neiafu
 439 km Nuku‘alofa
earthquake2019-12-16   04:27:39.85hr 52min ago10ML3.8 NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA
   8 km Muswellbrook
 163 km Katoomba
earthquake2019-12-16   04:18:35.16hr 01min ago85ML2.8 CRETE, GREECE
  53 km Palaiochóra
  96 km Chaniá
earthquake2019-12-16   04:13:23.16hr 06min ago122mb4.5 MINAHASA, SULAWESI, INDONESIA
 110 km Gorontalo
 761 km Makassar
earthquake2019-12-16   04:13:13.06hr 07min ago31ML2.4 AZORES-CAPE ST. VINCENT RIDGE
 152 km Sagres
 231 km Faro
earthquake2019-12-16   04:08:27.06hr 11min ago36Md2.7 PUERTO RICO REGION
  44 km Vieques
  59 km San Juan
earthquake2019-12-16   04:06:18.06hr 13min ago135ML3.3 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
 145 km Calama
 201 km Iquique
earthquake2019-12-16   04:03:28.36hr 16min ago6Md2.8 PUERTO RICO REGION
  47 km Aguada
 138 km San Juan
earthquake2019-12-16   04:03:04.06hr 17min ago133 M4.2 BANDA SEA
 259 km Amahai
 286 km Ambon
earthquake2019-12-16   03:59:56.26hr 20min ago11Md2.4 PUERTO RICO REGION
  12 km Potala Pastillo
  79 km San Juan
earthquake2019-12-16   03:51:27.26hr 28min ago80mb4.0 HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN
  29 km Jarm
  58 km Fayzabad
earthquake2019-12-16   03:30:56.06hr 49min ago30 M4.1 SUMBA REGION, INDONESIA
  98 km Komodo
 143 km Waingapu
earthquake2019-12-16   03:30:27.26hr 49min ago54mb4.5 SOUTHERN ALASKA
  29 km Big Lake
  35 km Anchorage
earthquake2019-12-16   03:18:12.07hr 02min ago184 M4.5 KEP. TANIMBAR REGION, INDONESIA
 340 km Tual
 420 km Ambon
earthquake2019-12-16   03:10:29.07hr 09min ago54mb4.4 MANIPUR, INDIA REGION
  36 km Churāchāndpur
  86 km Imphāl
earthquake2019-12-16   03:00:26.07hr 19min ago13ML3.3 AEGEAN SEA
  35 km Eresós
  58 km Bozcaada
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world